Dhanwantari Clinical at Kharagpur offers a range of facilities to cater to the healthcare needs of patients. While the specific facilities may vary, here are some commonly available amenities and services you might find at the clinic:

Dhanwantari Clinic provide BP, Nebulisation,  Oxygen For Emergency,  Strecher For Critical Patient


  1. Consultation Rooms: The clinic is likely to have dedicated consultation rooms where patients can discuss their medical concerns with doctors and receive appropriate advice and treatment.

  2. Diagnostic Services: Dhanwantari Clinical may provide various diagnostic services on-site, including laboratory tests, imaging services (such as X-rays or ultrasound), and other essential diagnostic procedures to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions.

  3. Minor Procedure Room: For minor medical procedures that do not require an operation theater, the clinic may have a dedicated room equipped with necessary instruments and equipment. This allows for the performance of minor surgical procedures in a sterile and safe environment.

  4. Waiting Area: A comfortable waiting area is typically available for patients to relax before their appointment or while awaiting test results. It may have seating arrangements and reading material to make the waiting experience more pleasant.

  5. Pharmacy: Some clinics have an in-house pharmacy or a tie-up with nearby pharmacies. This enables patients to conveniently purchase prescribed medications immediately after their consultation.

  6. Emergency Care: While not all clinics may have emergency care facilities, some larger clinics like Dhanwantari Clinical may be equipped to handle medical emergencies to a certain extent. They may have basic life-saving equipment, emergency medications, and trained staff to provide initial stabilization before transferring the patient to a hospital if required.

  7. Health Check-up Packages: The clinic may offer comprehensive health check-up packages for individuals looking to assess their overall health and well-being. These packages often include a series of tests and consultations to evaluate different aspects of a person’s health.

Please note that the availability of specific facilities may vary depending on the size, specialization, and resources of the clinic. It’s advisable to contact Dhanwantari Clinical directly or visit their official website to get accurate and up-to-date information about the facilities they offer.